Care Instructions

I am fragile

When you take me out, hold me close and tight around the middle. Avoid bending me over. I might snap if you work me too hard.  

I like a good peel

Make sure you remove my outer layers - both sides please - and peel off the protection while lying me down on a flat surface. I feel it’s best to start around the square edges, not the curves.

Don’t get too high

Keep it simple and refer to the diagrams for recommended configurations. Don’t stack more than two small pieces on top of each other (lengthways). The big guys like to fly solo.

I’m not a push over

I am a screen, not a wall. I am tough, not invincible. Treat me with kindness and don’t lean on me for support. And don't get too heavy - I can’t take it!

Mix it up, baby

Each coloured kit contains a mix of tonal hues. You’re only limited by your imagination! And your sanity.

Don’t be harsh

No abrasive cleaners—use products designed for acrylic, and wipe me with a soft cloth. Remember, scratches happen, it’s part of life.  

Don’t fire me up

Keep flames away—old and new.  

Keep me on file

Use a nail file or fine sand paper if the slot is too tight. Then I should ease in nicely.

Keep your distance

Each kit can physically distance up to 8 people depending on your configuration. Or be selfish and keep me all to yourself. 

Falling apart?

If you've broken me or need a new part then get in touch and we'll sort you out.

Show us your clacker

Keep in touch and send us your best Clikclax moves @clikclax