How To

We recommend grabbing a friend for moral support – and starting from the bottom to work your way up and across.

Start with a Base A and set your first sheet (Large or Small) and decide which direction to go.  Use the Two-way connectors to join the sheets, and continue to slot the sheets into the bases as you build.  One base is good for two sheets, and always secure the end sheet with a base. 

Use a corner Base B when you want to change direction, and a Corner piece to connect the sheets at 90 degrees.  Make sure slots align and sheets are evenly spaced in the bases as you go. 

Use a Three-way with a corner Base B when you want to make a T-intersection – and any leftover bits and pieces not used in your set up can be saved for a rainy day, or slotted into spare spaces to make you smile or annoy your desk top neighbour.

Below are some of our favourite installations. Now over to you and remember to send us your best clacker @clikclax. 

Each kit can do all of the combinations below...and some. For dimensions & sizes, click here.