The brains behind the brand

The brains behind the brand

So where did this fantastic idea come from anyway?

Why - thanks for asking! We were working out how to make our space Covid safe for when we returned to work – and I had a vision and a flashback. Of Perspex colours in fun configurations and of the Playplax toy I had as a kid.

So what happened next?

Our office is open plan, so I thought we needed something flexible that worked for all of our desks and spaces – and the interlocking system of Playplax seemed perfect, just on a bigger scale and with more than two shapes. 

And then…?

I spent the next few days cutting out shapes from foam-core and voilà, Clikclax was born. It all just clicked into place from there and the shapes developed naturally as I continued to build the system. We tested it in Perspex, made some adjustments – then bam – it was ready to come into the world.

And the fancy coloured kits?

The idea for the Australiana theme was inspired by our quirky little bush creatures. I wanted to make something fun and more than just a sneeze guard in clear acrylic. The idea of the colour combinations was a throwback to the mixed bag of lollies from the corner store. Each kit has sixteen bits and comes in various colour-ways, and can be put together in endless configurations. Each colour-way is a combination of 3 colours.

Where does the $5 donation go?

We wanted to support the organisations helping Australian wildlife after the fires and phenomena of 2020 – and decided that $5 from every kit sold online would be donated to an Australian charity. We are starting by adopting Koalas through the WWF.

Where can you use your Clikclax kit?

This baby can go anywhere. It’s perfect for offices, schools, universities, co-working spaces, libraries, restaurants and bars. One kit can be used to separate up eight people depending on the configuration. It is very flexible and takes no time, and no tools, to put together. Just opposable thumbs.

Clikclax can also be customised. We can make it to order at any scale for any purpose. Large or small. There are no limits to what we can click together. Clikclax is launching in Australia first – then world domination – here we come!

A big thank you to Monique & Sarah and the team at Move-in (@moveinstudio); Michaela, Paul, Millie and Bianca from team Studio Round (@studio_round); and Justin, Marcin and Dan from The Pedla (@thepedla) - for their amazing talents bringing this project to life in record time. It’s been a blast!

Thank you

Zahava Elenberg